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Sea Haze

Sea Haze was established in 1994, to compliment the fishing quarter. Originating from a longstanding fishing family, traced back to 1580. Along with fishing, they were also involved with the selling of fish, shellfish, pleasure tripping and the lifeboat.


About Us

In 2003, Neil put fishing aside to take over Sea Haze, continuing the family tradition of selling locally caught fresh fish. Later on in 2012 Jack, Neil’s son, started his apprenticeship in the shop after finishing school. In 2014, now they’re working together, Neil has been able to go back to fishing, supplying the shop with the majority of its fresh fish.

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Fresh Fish, Lobster & Crabs

Most of our fish comes straight from our boat on a daily basis, which is based in the Brighton Marina.  Fresh fish is also sourced from other fishing boats in the marina. 


We house live lobsters and crabs in our purpose built tank; specialising in our own hand picked dressed crabs, which are 100% crabmeat. Lobsters can be pre-ordered and cooked on the day.

Due to Lobsters being seasonal, from October to February we advise giving us a ring to see our availability. Lobsters don’t like the cold weather!

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Shellfish Stall

Located opposite the shop is our shellfish stall, where you’ll find our large selection of fresh seafood, ready for you to eat.

We sell cockels, whelks, mussels, jellied eels, oysters, octopus. In addition to that we sell locally caught fresh crab and lobster can be cooked to order.

Sit back, relax and tuck in.

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