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Brighton Fishing Quarter

The Old Brighton Fishing Quarter is situated on the seafront directly south of The Lanes and the Old Ship Hotel, between the Palace and West Piers. This area is of great importance as it is the very spot where our expansive history happened.

Brighthelmstone, as the ancient village was known prior to the Victoria era, was a thriving fishing community for most of its history, rich in catches of herring and mackerel. During the mid 1700s, Dr Richard Russell began to advocate and prescribe the drinking of seawater and sea bathing for better health and curing of illness, emerging the town as a health resort.

Brighton's popularity continued to grow in the 19th century with the rich, famous, and royal. Today, Brighton has grown into an English seaside resort town and its beaches enjoyed by visitors from around the world.

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Did You Know..

Brighton’s name has evolved through the centuries, AKA:

  • Bristelmestune (1086)

  • Brichtelmeston (1198)

  • Brighthelmeston (1493)

  • Brighthelmstone (1816)

  • Brighton (the early 19th century)

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