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The Fishing Quarter Workshop

In the mid 1990s when the museum was being built, this arch was commandeered as the volunteers maintenance workshop. Originally funded by the EU through DEFRA this workshop was a key part in the design and manufacture of all the exhibits you find in the museum today, including all the framing and maintenance of the boats outside.


For many years it has acted also as meeting room, tea room and some would say “social epicentre” of the fishing quarter! If the door is open, then please pop in and say hello, many people do.


Today, our volunteers still use the workshop to carry out both large and small projects that help the museum to function and stay open. It is a wonderful place to work and new volunteers are received with enthusiasm and warm welcome into the community. 


Direct funding for this facility dried up back in 2001 so finances are raised for maintenance through the museum itself and other properties on site that bring an income to the quarter.


We are however looking for new tools and machines so donations are welcome and any power tool companies that would like to sponsor the workshop…...well….get in touch!

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