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Brighton's Seafront Heritage – Looking towards the Future

The Brighton Seafront Heritage Trust is delighted to announce that we have received £45,300 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for our Operational and Sustainability Development plans.


The 'Resilient Heritage' grant will cover around 90% of the cost of the Trust's plan to begin to put the Fishing Quarter on a sustainable, and flourishing, path to the future. This first stage of redevelopment will include opportunities for more local people to get involved in the Brighton Fishing Museum – one of the seafront's iconic buildings - an update to the Museum's Collection Management System, and a new staff and management structure.


Alex Briault, the Trust's Chair, said:

‘2019 celebrates 25 years for the Brighton Fishing Museum.  Now we have a great opportunity to take action and begin to revitalise this iconic place; we have a responsibility not only to the Museum’s founders, Andy Durr and Alan Hayes, but to all the volunteers and trustees over the years, whose hard work and love for the place made it what it is today, to ensure the first 25 years was not just the opening of a unique visitor attraction, but the heartfelt creation of a legacy long to be enjoyed.


Gabrielle Morris, the Trust's Secretary also noted:

‘Failure to protect and strengthen the Fishing Quarter and Museum would result in the loss of a place of tradition and history - our connection to the sea and the generations before us who struggled and survived along this part of the coastline is vital to preserve. On behalf of all the trustees, we thank the National Lottery Players for enabling us to do so.'

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